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Cooling Cucumber & Fennel Salad

Going to a gathering at the beach this weekend and want to bring something cool & refreshing so I put together this Cucumber & Fennel Salad with fresh herbs and a Lime Dressing.

Most of the ingredients are fantastic at cooling our bodies & minds, but also keep ease of digestibility in mind.

Raw foods can be hard to digest, plus Summer is a time when our digestive fire is weaker because the heat is dispersed to the limbs to allow for our internal body core to stay cooler, so cold, raw salads can wreak havoc on our tummies if we’re not eating one that contains compatible ingredients & digestive aids.

The Mint, Cilantro, Lime, Salt, and Pepper are all digestive aids. If you add Honey, well that is too! Salt & Honey can be heating, but with such small amounts and many other cooling ingredients, this salad is sure to help turn the heat down.

2 Persian Cucumbers - thinly sliced

½ Fennel Bulb - chopped into small pieces

1 handful fresh Mint - chopped

1 handful fresh Cilantro - chopped

Lime Dressing:

¼ cup E.V. Olive Oil

Fresh Squeezed Juice from 2-3 Limes

Salt & Pepper to taste (about ¼ tsp)

1-2 tsp raw Honey (optional for those that like it a bit sweet, less sour)

Toss the salad with the dressing and enjoy! It gets even tastier as the salad has time to sit and marinate in the dressing.

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