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~ Diet & Lifestyle Consultation Services ~

Guiding you to greater reflection of your diet and lifestyle habits to uncover the root of your imbalances and apply practical, yet impactful practices.


Our world today has created an environment where high stress, anxiety, depression, and digestive issues can thrive.  When we are stressed and our digestive system is faltered, we open the door to imbalance, illness, and disease.  We become ungrounded and struggle to be comfortable in our bodies and minds.


Let me teach you how you can uplevel your health, calm your anxiety, find joy and soothe stomach issues.  I will offer you simple yet impactful lifestyle practices that will increase awareness of self, give you peace in your mind, and show you how to truly eat to nourish your body, mind, and spirit for increased energy and harmony.


You are completely unique and therefore you will have unique needs.  Let me empower you with deep self-care tools and understanding of your uniqueness so that you may evolve, align, and honor your true self.  


This is the path to finding abundant healing, balance, and vibrancy. 

In addition to these packages, I'm also available for single consultations at a rate of $150/hour.



~ Initiate Journey Package ~

    Four 60-min Ayurvedic Consultation Sessions

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~ Evolve Package ~

    Eight 90-min Ayurvedic Consultation Sessions

including 10% off any Bodywork Session

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~ Transform Package ~

    Eight 90-min Ayurvedic Consultation Sessions

& any Four Bodywork Sessions at 20% off

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~Ayurvedic Detox to

  Reset & Renew~

        (1.5 hrs initial visit, continuing support throughout)

        $225 + cost of supplies


Often, people have some level of toxin buildup in their system from their diet, environment, and lifestyle that is disconnected from the rhythms and cycles of Nature.  A detox allows for one to step back into the flow of Nature, bring in deep self-awareness and truly be present in your body.


Together, we will determine if this is an appropriate option for you and what length of detox suits you best at this time.  Ayurveda has a very different approach and intention to detox than in our Western culture, so it takes time to lay out these principles making sure it's done appropriately. 


You will be educated on a whole foods, seasonally-aligned cleansing diet catered to your unique blueprint emphasizing vibrant nutrition, along with herbal support and appropriate lifestyle choices to follow during this cleansing process.


I will gather all the necessary supplies and provide you with a daily routine, easy to follow recipes, a menu planner, self-care tools, email support, inspiration, and accountability.  I will also guide you on the proper diet and lifestyle choices to follow after your cleanse is complete.

Detox Anchor
supportive hands holidng another

~ Continuing Support on Your Journey ~

Time & Investment ~ tailored for each individual

Once you have started with Ayurveda and you have a foundation to build from, I will be available to you for support and for needed adjustments to your protocol to re-align as progress is made and as seasons change.  


Ayurveda is a transformative tool to reflect and foster self-awareness and is a slow process of unwinding habits that no longer serve us.  In honoring this slow unwinding and our natural ability to heal, we can visit as often as needed for this purpose.

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