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~ Bodywork Services ~

Guided by intuition and Ayurvedic wisdom, my specialty is working on the subtle, energetic body.

While providing a deeply nurturing & soothing touch, my intention is to invite the intelligence
of your being to receive the nourishment of this loving, healing energy resulting in total relaxation. 

Total Bliss Anchor

~ Total Bliss ~
90 min $200 / 2 hrs $240 / add Shirodhara +$60

Total Bliss is a harmonious and unique combination of Ayurvedic Abhyanga and Swedish Massage. I combine the soothing practice of Swedish massage with the profound ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda to calm your body, mind, and spirit by releasing stressful energy from your being.


This full-body massage is the ultimate stress reducer as it deeply pacifies the nervous system and grounds Vata dosha by cocooning you in warm Ayurvedic oil infused with powerful nurturing herbs providing a soothing tonic to your brain and nourishing lubrication to the tissues and joints.

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This harmonious treatment focuses on marma points ~ which are energetic portals and pressure points on the body ~ that positively affect your consciousness and cultivate prana (life force).

This massage significantly supports the detoxification of the lymphatic system, so it is highly beneficial for those going through a cleanse.


Total Bliss is incredibly soothing and will leave you feeling nurtured and utterly peaceful.  It is especially great for the elderly, women dealing with menopause and for those that have anxiety or stress weighing them down, but it is truly healing and beneficial for all.  


Some benefits include - decreases the effects of aging, lubricates the joints, proliferates the production of estrogen in the skin, stimulates internal organs, moves the lymph aiding in detoxification of impurities, increases stamina, benefits sleep & deeply calms the nerves.

Shirodhara Anchor

~ Shirodhara with massage ~
90 min $180 / 2 hr $220

A truly blissful therapy where warm, herbalized oil is gently poured over the forehead and 3rd eye marma to induce a very deep sense of calm, awaken your intuition and balance and stabilize the mindThis is an amazing therapy for the nervous system to help with anxiety, stress, and Vata aggravation.


The 90 min treatment includes a massage of your back body, the  2 hr session includes a full body massage.  Both sessions include a 30 min Shirodhara and a foot massage providing release of important pressure points. 

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~ Crown to Root Centered & Calm ~
60 min $120

This therapy is a delightful way to deeply nourish your body and mind without getting a full-body oil massage. 


This treatment starts with an Ayurvedic head massage with organic medicinal oil and an individually tailored foot soak, polarity therapy to balance your energy channels, and finishes off with marma massage on the feet, leaving you feeling calm, centered and rested.


The benefits of this therapy are many but a few are - improves oxygen flow to the brain, reduces jaw pain, stimulates lymphatic drainage, aids sleep, lowers blood pressure, increases energy and reduces stress. 

~ Hot Stone Massage ~

60 min $130 / 90 min $170 / 2 hrs $210

EMFs from all the devices that surround us today significantly aggravate our nervous system, which brings in excess Vata dosha which can cause anxiety, a scattered mind and fatigue.


Hot Stone massage offers us grounding as they connect the human body with earthly forces to balance energy flow, which is essential in this technological age.


In addition, the benefits of massage are amplified by using smooth, heated stones as an extension of the hands.  The heat is both deeply relaxing to the body and mind and aids in softening tight muscles with ease

Great for those looking for a little deeper tissue work, but without all the pain of deep pressure.

Benefits include lymph node drainage, increased circulation, and improved joint range of motion.  If you would like a FULL BODY massage, this requires at least 90 min.

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~ Swedish Massage ~
60 min $100 / 90 min $140 / 2 hrs $180

If you're looking for something more traditional to the Western culture, Swedish Massage is the best-known type of bodywork performed today and one of the primary goals of this technique is to relax the entire body.


This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.  


In addition, I utilize aromatherapy specific to your mind and body constitution and Reiki to enhance the healing quality of the massage.

~ Lymphatic Massage ~
 90 min $170 / 2 hrs $210

This invigorating massage facilitates movement and decongestion of the Lymphatic System using Ayurvedic wisdom.


This system is so important for health, well-being, and immunity as it is the major drainage system of your body moving out waste and toxins, and bringing in nourishment. 


The techniques, tools, and oils used in this massage enhance lymphatic flow and loosen toxins in the body, acting as a powerful treatment to aid in circulation and detoxification.


Lymphatic blockage or congestion leads to swelling, edema, and the buildup of metabolic byproducts/toxins, which can cause imbalances that can affect almost any part of the body.


I will teach you ways to further support your lymphatic system and you will leave with a pair of garshana gloves for use at home for daily self-care.  

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