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Bodywork Packages

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~ Chrysalis ~

Total Bliss & Shirodhara

($260 includes a 90-min Total Bliss, 30-min Shirodara)

Give yourself the ultimate remedy for stress and anxiety with a Total Bliss massage and Shirodara.  Emerge with a deep sense of calm and revitalization.  A lovely foot soak and a soothing herbal tea included.

~ Metamorphosis ~

Detox & Bodywork Package

($420 includes 7-day cleanse supplies, guidance

& a 90-min Total Bliss Massage)

Nurture yourself through the seasons with a cleanse and a body treatment.  As the seasons shift, it is an auspicious juncture to clean out our system and realign with Nature's rhythms.  You will receive guidance and supplies for a 7-day cleanse and come in for one of my decadent and deeply nourishing body treatments - my Total Bliss.

~ Cocoon Yourself ~

Buy 4 of any one treatment at once and get the 5th free.

One of the best ways we can ensure we get the self-care we need is to schedule it in. 

Prevent and maintain versus coming in when you're ragged and worn.  

Cocoon yourself with some nourishing Ayurvedic oil and rejuvenate your essence.

If you're interested in exploring an Ayurvedic Lifestyle along with your nurturing bodywork, view your options here.

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