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2024  Stress Support

Ayurvedic Consultation Special

Let me empower you with deep self-care tools and customized nutrition so that you may evolve the health of your body, mind, and spirit to meet the challenges of today.

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The last couple of years have proven to be nothing short of tumultuous.  Last year has challenged all of us on many levels.  Never before has it been this detrimental for the state of our health to be in check as we try to navigate living in a society experiencing a pandemic, not to mention all the toxins in our food and environment and all the uncertainty and unrest in our society.  This moment in time calls us to a higher quality of existence to make the health of our body, mind, and spirit the #1 priority.

Our world today has created an environment where high stress, anxiety, depression, and digestive issues can thrive.  When we are stressed and our digestive system is faltered, we open the door to imbalance, illness, and disease.  We become ungrounded and struggle to be comfortable in our bodies and minds.

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Let me teach you how you can uplevel your health, calm your anxiety, find joy, and soothe stomach issues all the while the world around you continues in chaos and instability.  I will offer you simple yet impactful lifestyle practices that will increase your awareness of yourself, give you the peace in your mind, and show you how to truly eat to nourish your body, mind, and spirit to ward off illness and disease and for increased energy and harmony. 

You are completely unique and therefore you will have unique needs.  Let me empower you with deep self-care tools and understanding of your uniqueness so that you may evolve, align, strengthen your constitution and honor your true self.

This is the path to finding abundant healing, balance, and vibrancy.

The 2024 Stress Support package includes:

  • 4 visits, 60 min each (in person or virtually)

  • A complete Ayurvedic health assessment

  • Detailed diet education & guidelines

  • Education on new lifestyle practices to balance your unique constitution

  • Handouts, guide sheets, support & inspiration

This package is a great way to introduce yourself to Ayurveda, and for this reason, I also call this my Initiate Journey Package.

Holistic healing takes time, it is not a quick fix.  You have the option of rolling into one of my bigger packages if you decide this is the right fit for you. My 3-month and 6-month packages allow time for bigger results, deeper understanding and include soothing, stress-relieving bodywork, so they are available for you to consider. 


For more info, see my Diet & Lifestyle Packages tab.

Questions?  Contact me and we'll chat!

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