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I'm Tracyann Thomas, the founder of Nature to Balance. I am an Ayurvedic Practitioner certified by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, and an Ayurvedic Sacred Bodyworker & Panchkarma Technician.  I'm also a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and a Holistic Nutritionist. 


It is my life's purpose and passion to guide people holistically to find balance and vibrant health in their body, mind and spirit bridging ancient wisdom with the modern lifestyle.  My philosophy is that when someone truly understands their unique energy blueprint, they will find their inner healer.

My own personal journey of healing started over 25 years ago. I spent my late teens and early adult years in college studying human nutrition searching for answers to my digestive issues and anxiety, and was always left disappointed getting no long-lasting results and no real solutions from the Western approach - one size fits all diet, another doctor, one pharmaceutical after another, and negative side effects.

When Ayurveda came into my life, I literally felt like someone had finally handed me the keys and secrets on how to truly live and care for a human body, and yet, I learned we are so much more.  We are mind and spirit too, and those parts of us need to be healthy and balanced, as well - it is imperative for true health.  This approach to healing is what we call holistic - body, mind & spirit medicine.


I discovered we all have the power to become our own healer by relying on our innate wisdom, intuition and awareness of our unique energy and the energy of the world around us.  I also learned that Nature is genuinely our medicine, as we are Nature, too.  In honoring the rhythms and cycles of Nature, we honor ourselves.

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My goal and life's purpose is to educate, guide and inspire others to live a more vibrant, higher quality life by passing on all the wisdom I picked up along the way through my own transformative experiences.  I'm an avid yogi, a nature lover and truth seeker.  As a single mom, Ayurveda has been life-changing and truly, a savior for me.


Using Nature and the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda as a guide, I take an intuitive and dynamic approach to helping one find healing, harmony and balance in their life. Therapies may include diet, herbs, yoga, meditation, body treatments, massage, marma point therapy, Reiki and new lifestyle practices.  


If this type of therapy resonates with you and you're ready to be in control of your health, find the root cause of your imbalances, apply effective solutions and discover your own healing power, reach out to me through my contact tab.  I would be honored to lead you down the path to your own journey to a healthier, happier whole version of you.

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