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Adjusting Your Diet for Spring ~ Align with Nature

Greens, beans & beets, oh my!! When Spring starts to arrive in your neck of the woods, Nature gently taps on your back asking you to make some gradual adjustments to your diet & lifestyle and shift your energy to account for the change of elements building in the environment.

Just like the Earth during Spring, we also wake up from our long, cold rest where we were sustaining ourselves with rich fats, hearty grains, and root vegetables to keep ourselves warm and nourished. Now we should naturally shift to lighter, more alkalizing foods and fewer calories if we’re living in sync with Nature.

Spring welcomes in more illumination from the Sun giving us invigorating radiance in the mind & body. This light provides the warmth which liquefies the water and mucus of our body, and the waters of the Earth, to move and become more free-flowing.

As our bodies swell with water and mucus, our digestive heat that has been gathered in our core all Winter to digest hearty Winter foods has now dispersed outward to our limbs to help stimulate circulation throughout the body. This weakens our digestion, so our appetites will become smaller and instinctively we’ll crave more bitter, astringent and pungent foods. These tastes have a cleansing effect. So Spring is the time to decongest any stagnant energy and excess mucus. Spring cleaning!!

This is Nature’s beautiful and intelligent configuration of all things. All of Nature is an intimately interconnected system - and we are a part of that. When we work with Nature, we, therefore, step into the most powerful flow of energy and the biggest advocate of our health and wellbeing.

We all could bring more of these types of food into our diet during Spring, but we are all unique, so everyone’s adjustments will be unique. Knowing your dominant dosha is the first place to start.

Get a copy of my ‘Discover your Dosha’ guidebook here. This is a great place to start with Ayurveda.

You can also learn a lot more on this subject with my Ground & Align: Ayurveda 101 Video Series teaching you fundamental Ayurvedic principles.

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