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Align with Nature

Ayurveda 101 Video Series

$30 per video / $145 for all 6
(purchase all 6 to receive a free 1:1 hour consultation with me)


Ayurveda 101 Series Details

Join me, as I introduce Ayurveda ~ the ancient, yet timeless holistic medical system of healing the body, mind, and spirit.  Learn how to use this profound, intuitive, and complete medical system to become your own healer, find the root of your imbalances and use Nature as medicine.

Learn all about your unique constitution and how to truly nourish and feed yourself for harmonious digestion. A strong digestive fire is considered the seat of health in Ayurveda.  If the digestive system is not working efficiently, that's when imbalance and ultimately disease can set in. Discover how to enkindle and tame your digestive fire for vibrant health.

Empower yourself by using natural remedies that are available already in your kitchen and how to eat using food truly as medicine.


Gain powerful and practical lifestyle practices that teach you how to use your energy most efficiently and connect you to your higher consciousness for a more vibrant, purpose-filled life.

Cultivate practices that soothe your nervous system and promote joy by honoring the natural rhythms and cycles in Nature.  Truly support and pacify your constitution ~ your dosha, your energetic blueprint ~ so that you can live your best life.

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There are 6 (one hour) lessons in this pre-recorded series on various Ayurvedic topics that will build on top of each other. 

I will provide handouts, guides, and other resources throughout the series.


Session 1: Introduction to Ayurveda / Discover Your Dosha

Session 2: Digestive Fire

Session 3: Daily Routine

Session 4: The Immune System

Session 5: Seasonal Routine

Session 6: Medicine for the Senses


Schedule: Enjoy going at your own pace with these pre-recorded videos.  I recommend watching them in order as the next video builds upon the previous so as to create a strong foundation of some fundamental Ayurvedic concepts.


You can sign up directly with me via email.  Each individual session is $30, or you could purchase the whole series for $145.  

**For those that sign up for all 6, you will also receive a complimentary one-hour consultation with me to further explore your unique needs. 



Ayurveda ~ the Mother of all natural medicine ~ originates well over 5,000 years ago from rishis in intense meditation where they realized the supreme truth and eternal knowledge. Give yourself the most powerful gift and come on this Ayurvedic journey with me.  I promise it will lead you down a path to an extraordinary, intelligent, and highly rewarding way to thoroughly take care of yourself.

If you've been disappointed by Western healthcare, imbalanced by pharmaceutical side effects and you would like to empower yourself with the ability to be your own healer with natural medicine, Ayurveda has a lot to offer you.

If you are a Nature lover, you honor Mother Earth's rhythms and cycles, and prefer to use only organic, natural remedies, this series is definitely for you.

If you want to get back to our ancient roots, when we were intimately connected to the Earth and harnessed the power of Nature for the benefit of all, this series will be a beacon for you.

Initiate your Ayurvedic journey with me! Learn how to work with Nature, after all, we are Nature too. Come learn all about your unique self and how this can bring you the most vibrant health, steady balance, and well-being.


Please reach out to me with any questions.  I look forward to guiding you on this most rewarding path!

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