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Ojas: A Key to Immunity in Ayurveda

Ayurveda details out quite thoroughly how paramount it is to our health to have a balanced, efficiently working digestion. There is a very long list as to why this is so crucial, but one of the reasons is because the end-product of good digestion is something very special called Ojas in Ayurveda.

What is Ojas you say?

It is a superfine biological substance that is created from the essence of complete digestion and after successful nourishment of all 7 bodily tissues (plasma, blood, muscle, fat, bone, nerve tissue, and reproductive tissue).

Dr. Lad explains it to be like the honeycomb that contains all the minute molecules of essence from hundreds of flowers. Ojas is the nectar of life, our supreme resilience, and a life-preserving reservoir.

There is no corresponding idea for Ojas in the Western world but it is considered a very profound piece of the immunity puzzle in Ayurveda.

Ojas is one of the most health-promoting agents of the body. It is an absolutely essential substance to cultivate. It gives our bodies strength, vigor, vitality and immunity and it fights against aging, decay, and disease.

Proper digestion and assimilation of food govern the production of Ojas, therefore, the efficiency of our Agni (digestive fire) plays a big role in the production of this nectar of life.

Besides proper digestion, what else can we do to promote this life-preserving substance?

  • Boost your digestive fire - eat right for your type: refer to my article on the Doshas & see my blogs on Ginger Pickle and Kitchari.

  • Go organic - we don’t need the depleting & harmful effects of pesticides, it greatly diminishes the Prana in our food. See my IG post on why Prana is so important.

  • Cleanse seasonally & when you need a tune-up - we do this for our homes and our cars, our body surely shouldn’t be treated any less. Move out the ama (toxins) and you will bring in higher vibrations & vibrant wellbeing. See my Digestive Rescue recipe.

  • Eat in season - Nature offers us exactly what we need at the right times - follow her cues. Refer to my articles on seasonal routines.

  • Rest smart - give yourself the 8 hours of sleep, it builds your Ojas, and take a break from the constant ‘doing’. Enjoy just being & less doing when your intuition calls for it. Learn how to truly unwind. See my IG post on the most important sleep time!

  • Say no to energy vampires - avoid people, places, and media that disturb your mind & spirit. Check out my IG post about a big energy vampire we all encounter today.

  • Spend time in Nature - Nature is the quintessential balancer for all doshas - the energy found there is always supportive. Read my IG post on Earthing.

  • Oil your inner & outer body - the word for oil in Sanskrit (the language of Ayurveda) is Sneha - which also translates to love. It’s that nourishing, protective, unctuous quality of oil that generates the essence of love. See my article on Abhyangas and my IG Post on Oil & Love.

  • Meditate regularly - tap into your inner tuition & the deeper, subtle layers of yourself - there you will find bliss!

  • Exercise your creativity - simply be your unique self & have no apologies for it!

  • Follow your heart’s passions - if it makes you feel good, it will promote more Ojas.

  • Do restorative yoga - taking gentle care of ourselves & cultivating rejuvenating practices is an essential part of finding balance in the fast-paced, overstimulating modern lifestyle that is our reality today. For a couple of foundational, easy-to-do, yet impactful poses, see my IG post here.

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