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Doshas: Ayurvedic Constitutions

I often refer to the doshas in my blog. For those that aren’t familiar, doshas are energies present in all of life.

We know that everything existing in the Universe is energy. Energy is vibration with information. Each quantum of energy vibrates at its own unique speed, giving it specific and unique effects on the energy around it.

Energy presents itself as the 5 great elements (panchamahabhutas): Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. From an infinite combination of these elements, everything in the Universe is created.

Ayurveda further classifies these elements into mind/body constitutions or bioenergies we call doshas ~ Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.

As we all have the 5 great elements present in our bodies, we each also then have the 3 doshas, as well, but at a unique ratio and ever-changing amount, depending on the energetic blueprint we were originally born with, and what has been brought in over time and through experience with the energy around us. We are truly unique!

Knowing your dosha is a phenomenal tool for life because it lays out for you how each particular dosha (aka constitution) will experience life in a highly organized and intuitive way and how you can find balance through adherence to these natural laws of life. Knowing your dosha simply allows you to evolve to a more ideal state of health.

It’s a mega-powerful tool for natural self-healing. It was absolutely life-changing for me when I learned this. To give you a better idea about the core principles this tool is based on, I will now provide details on each individual dosha.


Vata Dosha

Vata is the subtle energy of movement, activity, and sensation. Space and Air together give the qualities cold, clear, light, dry, rough, irregular, and mobile.

This energy governs all the physical movements in the body including breathing, blinking, heart pulsations, circulation, muscle and tissue movements, ingestion of food and water, peristalsis, movements in the cells - you name it!

It if moves, it has Vata energy to thank. Vata also governs the mind, sensory perception, and the movement of thoughts, feelings, and nerve impulses.

This is why Vata is considered the king of doshas. Without it, life could not persist.

In the graphics below, you will see how Vata energy presents itself in the mind and body. You may notice you can relate to some of these things, but not all.

Remember, we are all a unique combination of the 3 doshas (made up of the 5 elements) and therefore there is no one that fits in the same one box! If humans were crayons, we would all have our very own unique color.

When someone has mostly Vata qualities to their body and mind, we then say they are Vata dominant.

Often, we might have 2 dominant doshas presenting dominantly in our make-up. That is more common than having just one single dosha being dominant in all facets of your being.

Below I have a list of imbalances that Vata dominant types are prone to.

There is nothing wrong with the energies of space and air, but if someone has accumulated an excess of these energies in their body or mind, you will then see signs of imbalance.

When you are dominant in a dosha, you naturally have more of this energy, so you are at higher risk for having excess.

When someone has mostly Vata qualities to their body and mind, we then say they are Vata dominant.

Cultivating daily habits like the ones mentioned here that include routine, warmth and stillness counteract this tendency towards excess Vata and provide a powerful way to promote balance.


Pitta Dosha

Pitta is the energy of heat and transformation. Fire and Water together give the qualities hot, light, sharp, fluid, oily, penetrating, and spreading.

This energy governs all transformative processes in the body that require heat which is chemical/thermal energy.

Digestion, metabolism, assimilation of food, maintenance of body temperature, appetite, taste, visual perception all require Pitta.

If something needs heat, Pitta is involved.

Our digestive fire called AGNI is governed by Pitta and is considered the seat of health in Ayurveda.

Those with Pitta dominance typically have the hottest and strongest digestion of course.

Vata and Kapha tend toward a cold digestion so it’s important for them to use digestive aids.

Pitta is required for intelligence, comprehension, knowledge, courage, and ambition.

When someone has mostly Pitta qualities to their body and mind, we then say they are Pitta dominant.

Cultivating practices like the ones listed here that chill this hot dosha out are critical in finding balance.

Kapha Dosha

Kapha is the energy of substance and cohesion.

Water and Earth together give the qualities cold, oily, heavy, stable, soft, slow, viscous and sticky.

This energy is responsible for lubrication, nourishment, support, stability, groundedness, and growth in the body.

It is what gives our body structure and form like bones, tissues, muscles ~ things we can see, making it the most gross energy of the 3 doshas. Vata and Pitta are more subtle.

If structure and union are required, Kapha is involved.

Kapha is required for strength, stamina, repair and regeneration, water-electrolyte balance, and gastric secretions.

In the mind, Kapha is responsible for memory retention, contentment, forgiveness, and compassion.

Kapha is potential energy (stored energy to be released), whereas Vata is kinetic energy (energy in motion). Pitta is a combination of the two.

When someone has mostly Kapha qualities to their body and mind, we then say they are Kapha dominant.

Bringing balance to Kapha requires movement and heat like the practices listed here.


Now that you have a clearer picture of all the doshas, can you determine what your dominant dosha(s) is/are?

There’s so much to Ayurveda ~ many layers that go very deep. If you want a little more, check out my Discover Your Dosha guidebook by going to my website at:

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If you’d like a more comprehensive look at your very own unique constitution, connect with me. I provide very thorough and detailed diet & lifestyle guidelines for individuals so that one can naturally find true mind-body-spirit wellness, balance, and bliss.

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