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Nectarine & Blueberry Breakfast Crumble

I LOVE Nectarines. As soon as my local grocer has them available in organic, I immediately start incorporating these sweet, succulent gems in my diet. They are hands down my favorite fruit.

Nectarines are ideal for Summer. They’re so juicy and loaded with fiber providing hydration, smoother eliminations, and a moisturized digestive tract. Although they are mildly sour and heating, Nectarines strengthen the blood and have a gentle cleansing effect on the liver. They’re packed with Vitamin C and Beta-carotene providing protection for our eyes and skin and they’re also full of Potassium which supports our nervous system. Nectarines promote Ojas, which is the vital essence that enhances our immunity and they have a significant amount of antioxidants.

All of this makes Nectarines a nourishing choice in the Summer and they're especially balancing for Vata constitutions. Pitta and Kapha can enjoy them in moderation

When I see Nectarines in the grocery store, I get so excited and I grab a hearty bunch, but I can’t always keep up with eating them before they get too soft - they’re highly perishable! In addition, the season is short so I wanted to come up with another way to get these in my diet.

I really loved the idea of tweaking a crumble recipe so that I could enjoy this for breakfast without all the added sugar that usually makes it a dessert, so I came up with this version that qualifies as breakfast-worthy, but is so yummy that it could still be eligible as a treat!

I also used non-traditional spices for a crumble and Scottish Oatmeal instead of rolled oats. Being someone with a very sensitive digestion, I always find the ground oatmeal easier to digest than the rolled version as it’s further broken down by grinding between 2 large millstones.

I added Blueberries because I think the two fruits complement one another, plus it gives this concoction an extra dose of those amazing cell-protecting antioxidants in that gorgeous purply-blue color.

I also benefit from being able to avoid cooking my oatmeal over a hot stove in the mornings, especially appreciated during a heatwave. I made this crumble in the cooler evening and was able to enjoy it for the next 3 days, no cooking necessary. Just take it out of the fridge and let it warm up to room temperature for about a half-hour before eating. Maybe drizzle a bit of warm Maple Syrup over it. I topped mine with fresh Mint Leaves one morning. So delicious!

Summer should be full of things that are easy, cool and breezy!

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