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Moods and Digestive Health

Ever notice when your digestive system is not up to par you feel crabby, depressed, fatigued, or just plain blah? Or how you reach for unhealthy food when you're feeling down or stressed?

Maybe you haven't noticed?

Maybe your digestion is chronically imbalanced and you really don't know what it feels like to have a good working digestive fire in the body and how it feels in the mind. Maybe you haven't noticed how that sugar binge ultimately made you feel depressed and messed up your digestion.

The state of our mind and our emotions depends on the food choices we have made and how well we digest them. Imbalanced digestion and poor food choices lead to toxic build-up (ama) which will dull and slow the mind and negatively affect the emotions, as well as the body. Balanced digestion brings a clear mind and stable emotions, allowing us to make better choices.

Conversely, our moods cause us to gravitate towards foods with a particular energetic makeup, and both of these factors will then affect how well we digest our food. Our overall state of contentment will affect our digestion, absorption, and elimination of the food we have eaten.

Keeping track of how the state of your digestive system, your food choices, and your moods play off of each other is a very revealing tool that helps you tune in to what really makes your unique body and mind happy and function well, and it also reveals what doesn't work. Keeping a food journal and notating your emotions before and after meals throughout the day is a great way to do this.

The mind and the gut are intimately and infinitely linked. What we do to one, we do to the other. Align the two and life will be much sweeter.

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