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Butterfly Blue Pea Tea

One of my absolute favorite medicinal plants to work with is a highly medicinal herb called Butterfly Blue Pea (Clitoria Ternatea). This magnificently beautiful plant with its cool cerulean blue color and sweet-like candy flavor has completely charmed me.

In Ayurveda, she is one variety of a group of conch plants that are known as Shanka Pushpi and is considered an auspicious adaptogen.

Butterfly Blue Pea is considered a brain tonic as it is an outstanding rejuvenative for the mind and nerve tissue by increasing circulation to the brain and stimulating our higher cerebral functions. Its descending nature draws the rising and weightless Vata downwards.

This plant is, therefore, a cherished nervine indicated for anxiety, mental and emotional exhaustion, insomnia, and nerve pain.

Butterfly Blue Pea improves memory, concentration, and perception and promotes the integrity of the nervous system. All these medicinal actions support our overall intelligence and creativity.

Speaking of creativity, Butterfly Blue Pea is an aphrodisiac giving this plant an affinity for the reproductive organs and the Sacral Chakra which are the energy centers of our creative expression. Aphrodisiacs relax vascular smooth muscle, aiding in blood flow to the reproductive organs increasing sexual arousal, while also promoting our creative potential.

Butterfly Blue Pea is also said to have profound mystical properties, with the ability to stimulate all the chakras and heighten our positive vibrations.

Butterfly Blue Pea helps reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone) so it aids in stress relief and is extremely effective at tackling insomnia. Reducing cortisol creates a soothing effect, so this plant is also effective at getting rid of stress headaches.

And there’s more ~ Butterfly Blue Pea is anti-inflammatory and rich in cancer-busting flavonoids and antioxidants which is indicated by its peace-inducing blue color. Anthocyanins improve hair growth and delay graying by increasing blood flow to the scalp, and the flavonoids rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

Butterfly Blue Pea is great for all doshas and pretty perfect to support a modern-day human’s challenges.

You can find Butterfly Blue Pea in boxed tea at the market, or get loose leaf at a local herb shop.

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