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Your Breath is Your Most Powerful Ally

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

When you practice conscious breathing, which is taking a moment to focus solely on the breath moving into and out of your lungs, you can control your mind and quiet the chatter. Conscious breathing activates your parasympathetic nervous system which consequently slows down heart rate and digestion, lowers blood pressure and promotes feelings of calm and relaxation. Cultivating a relationship with your breath could be considered the single most important practice for well-being, yet so commonly overlooked.

Because it is literally the mind's job to be busy thinking, we are all plagued with monkey mind. As the journey of life naturally offers us both many challenges and celebrations, there are also numerous modern worries available for us to fret about, now more than ever. It's no wonder there is a traffic jam of thoughts flooding most people's minds today.

Taking time out regularly, even if for just one minute, to find your breath and follow the air moving into your lungs and the air moving out, offers you an opportunity to slow down the hamster wheel of thoughts, experience a state of relaxation and brings you into the present moment.

Giving some undivided time and attention to your breath regularly is vital for well-being.

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