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What is Ayurveda

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Ayurveda is the oldest and most complete holistic healing science in the world. It addresses the whole being and includes the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of life. Ayurveda is also an art ~ living life balanced, whole, and well is truly a practice and an art form. It has been practiced successfully for over 5,000+ years.

The true medicine of Ayurveda is much more than a mere health system that helps one find and maintain health and get to the root of your problems through dietary, lifestyle, detoxification, and herbal intervention. It also eloquently teaches us that our mind, body, and spirit are intimately connected therefore inherent in this profound healing system is the acknowledgment and deep self-care of our whole being.

Cultivation of Self-Awareness & Higher Consciousness

Ayurveda is the medicine of Self-awareness and the medicine of higher consciousness. Thousands of years before modern medicine discovered the mind-body connection, Ayurvedic sages had mastered it. They developed this "inner technology" that operates from the most profound and subtle levels of our awareness ~ the quantum level.

Ayurveda lays out how the quantum mechanical body (thoughts, emotions, cells, organs - at the level of atoms & subatomic particles) can be manipulated to change the physical body through self-awareness and higher consciousness because consciousness and matter are two complementary aspects of one reality. Herein lies the reason yoga and meditation are a fundamental part of the Vedic wisdom and are therefore both an integral part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle.

The Medicine of Nature

Ayurveda is Nature’s medicine as it teaches us that were are all a unique expression of the five primordial elements - earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Each of us is an unrepeated sentient being of Nature therefore we all require an individualized path to healing. One person's medicine could cause imbalance in another. We use Nature as our medicine because we are made of the same ingredients as Nature and in its purest forms it is the most biocompatible and functional for our being.

These 5 great elements are further organized into mind/body constitutions we call doshas. Understanding the doshas and which one(s) is dominant for you enables you to evolve to a more ideal state of health. It gives you an extremely powerful self-awareness tool to help you understand how we use food and lifestyle as medicine offering you the ability to move through life with more ease and guiding you on how to live in your body well. By living in accordance with our unique constitution, we can awaken the dormant power of self-transformation and inner healing.

Lifestyle & Behavioral Medicine

Ayurveda is a master at preventative health by way of its many lifestyle and behavioral medicine practices. These practices have a special restorative and healing value bringing peace and calm into our lives.

Our lifestyle either sustains our health or brings us closer to disease and because of this truth, Ayurvedic medicine is firmly rooted in behavioral medicine through its diet and lifestyle practices that move one towards sattva ~ the energy of balance, harmony, and wholesomeness. Sattva provides clarity of the mind and spirit, which promotes your intuition, allowing you to tap into your heart center and align with your best self.


Ayurveda is an unparalleled healing science full of profound wisdom specializing in preventative health. It offers the most complete guide for learning about yourself and your true nature and how to obtain healing and avoid disease for your whole being. It empowers you to become your own best healer and helps you discover the root cause of your imbalances and how to apply effective natural solutions through diet and lifestyle.

In the midst of the chaos of these times, Ayurveda is truly the perfect remedy and priceless antidote to our hurried modern lives. It reminds us that we are conscious sentient beings that need fresh air, sunlight, and deep breaths and that we thrive when we attune to Earth's pace and honor her rhythms and cycles. Ayurveda is timeless and always applicable.

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