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Why You Should Be Tongue Scraping

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Tounge scraping is a very simple yet highly impactful daily morning practice.

Overnight our organs detox and deposit toxins, called ama, on our tongue. This could be brown, yellow or white - it depends on the energy of your toxins and/or your imbalances at the time.

😝 A clear sign you didn't digest last night's dinner well: a thick white coating on your tongue. A warm to hot glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon AFTER you tongue scrape and BEFORE you eat is recommended.

Scraping your tongue is a fantastic way to check in with the body in the a.m. and clean off the toxins so that we don't swallow them back into our body. Yuck! 🤢

When we scrape our tongue, it's like awakening our internal organs and gives them a gentle massage. It also enhances our sense of taste and it clears out toxins, bacteria and dead cells.

FIRST THING upon awakening...

BEFORE any water, drink or food, scrape the tongue from back to front gently 5 - 8 times.

After each scrape you need to rinse the tongue scraper under water to remove what came off of your tongue.

Follow up with oil pulling floss, brush and then a warm glass of water.

All of this will properly stimulate peristalsis for optimal digestion. Now you can enjoy breakfast!🥣🍎

I recommend either a stainless steel or a copper tongue scraper. These are easiest to keep sanitary. Some come with a little bag for storage, as you can see mine does in the pic above.

Most health food stores and pharmacies carry tongue scrapers these days. Of course you can always find one online. They cost anywhere from $7 to $20

I've included a diagram to show you where the seat of your organs lie on the tongue. When you scrape over a certain area on the tongue. You're giving that specific organ extra love. 👅❤️

Love your organs, love your tongue = love to your body, mind & spirit!

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