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Natural Protection from EMFs

Spent some time at Zuma Beach today ~ recalibrated, reflected, and gave it all to Mother Earth.

We acquire toxins from all the electromagnetic frequencies in our environment today from such things as computers, cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi, and all the rest of the gadgets. Unfortunately, EMFs mix with our Prana, and they become embedded in our organs and glands through our vibrational channels, downgrading our cellular intelligence which can cause disruption of critical functions.

The best remedy and barrier against EMF toxicity is getting real close to Mother Earth as often as possible ~ she will absorb the EMFs from your body. Here are some easy and practical ways to do this:

  • Lie directly on the sand at the beach for 30 minutes

  • With bare feet, walk directly on the Earth

  • Place plants around your computers and gadgets

  • Sit up against a tree ~ their bark can pull radiation out of your body

  • Bask in the moonlight and soak up the Soma ~ the cooling energy of the Moon helps alleviate overstimulation and inflammation

  • Basil is also used to pull out electromagnetic radiation ~ put some in fresh water and sip throughout the day or soak in a tub full of fresh Basil leaves for about 20 minutes

Get as close to the natural world and away from all technology as much as possible. This will help relieve the toxic load, cleanse our Prana and support our circadian rhythms ~ all very critical things to do to stay healthy and balanced in our modern world.

See an earlier blog of mine for more on this - Ground Yourself, Go Earthing.

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