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Follow the Sun as the Seasons Change

As Fall unfolds and the wheel of the year carries on, the time of Sunrise and Sunset shift. Making sure we also shift our daily routine with the Sun is an important part of lifestyle medicine for preventative health. Getting adequate, quality sleep is one of the pillars of health.

Fall is the time we start to slow down and turn in earlier and sleep a little later based on the Sun’s rhythms. Nature is guiding us to slow down and get more sleep.

Kapha-dominant types will do best rising about 60 minutes BEFORE Sunrise. Before Sunrise, Vata energy is dominant in the environment and heavy, sluggish Kapha needs to take advantage of this mobile, active, and light energy that is present. Waking up AFTER Sunrise will perpetuate a heavy, sluggish energy and create less ease throughout the day.

Pitta types need more sleep than Kapha and can use just a little help from the Vata time of the morning. As Pitta is a lighter but intense energy, they benefit from waking about 30 minutes before Sunrise.

Vata types need the most sleep and will benefit from actually waking AS the Sun rises. Waking before the Sunrise in the cool of the morning can actually perpetuate more Vata energy and cause imbalance to an already very active, cold, light, and mobile constitution with an easily frazzled nervous system. If there is any Vata imbalance, this is especially important to follow. Adequate sleep at the right time is foundational for wellbeing.

Also, Fall is a Vata dominant season, and Winter also, has a lot of Vata energy. Getting adequate sleep is critical, especially during these cooler, darker seasons for balancing the cold, ungrounded, overly active Vata energy.

Making sure you have a robust nighttime routine to settle the nervous system is also part of this equation. Eating your last meal (which is your lightest meal), turning off devices, and drinking a cup of relaxing tea with nervines all at least 3 hours before bed is a great way to settle into a good sleep.

Start settling in sweet souls, Fall is the time to start resting more.

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