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Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Know that you have the ability to transform your world with positive intentions and mindful actions. Give your precious time and energy to things that nourish you deeply and bring you joy.

If something depletes you, don't give it your energy anymore.

Maybe that means turning off the news and creating a conversation with a loved one.

It could mean going for a walk outside, instead of scrolling through social media numbing your mind for hours on end. Or maybe it looks like choosing not to stay up so late and snacking but instead going to bed earlier to get the rest you truly need and deserve. It is too easy to be on automatic pilot these days, mindlessly getting through the day.

Give your time and attention to things that fill you and create a better version of yourself. Often, this requires slowing down and taking some deep breaths so that we can tune in to what it is that would be most nourishing at the moment.

So, check-in with yourself several times a day. Quiet the noise around you so that you can listen to that intuitive voice inside that truly does know best.

Here's the truth ~ what we do today, truly creates how we feel tomorrow.

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