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The Medicinal Wonders of Cilantro for this Moment

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Cilantro is a mighty herbal ally for your mind, tummy & skin for this highly rajasic moment on Earth.

Cilantro does all this:

- Calms the immune system

- Boosts digestion w/o adding heat

- Antihistamine, hypoallergenic - great for all kinds of skin rashes

- Cleansing - burns up toxins in body

- Diuretic - clears inflammation from urinary tract

- Carminative - prevents gas

- Cooling to body & mind

For those that like it short and sweet, there's the bullet points of why cilantro is amazing. It is a tridoshic herb which means it's great for all doshas.

For those that appreciate some deeper significance & consciousness behind my suggestion of the herb, this is for you...

Given the state of our world today, the uncertainty & chaos of the pandemic & the long-needed modern uprising on racial inequality, this particular time has heightened an energy we call rajasic (or rajas) in Ayurveda.🌬️🔥😵

Rajas is the energy of transformation - a passionate, creative force that makes things happen. How beautiful we are all manifesting this new world as so many things in our lives are up for review. Everyone is being given the opportunity to release old ways of thinking and make space for the new.

We are cleansing, is what we're doing! On a world scale. WOW!

To support this cleansing of our mind, our thoughts, our old ways of thinking, it's critical to cleanse the body - to literally remove physical toxins that store these thought patterns & that disturb the mind. So when we cleanse our physical body, we are also cleansing our mind.

Cilantro is a great herb to do that. In addition, the cooling nature of cilantro is highly supportive for this time of inflammation on the planet. Anger is bubbling up, rajas is high. When rajas is heightened in our being, it can lead to an agitated overworked mind. Cilantro soothes & cools both mind & body.🥶

As there are many other herbs, foods and lifestyle practices to reinforce this cleansing and soothing, I wanted to shine light on the awesomeness of cilantro. It's cleansing, green, delicious, in time for summer and it's Nature's medicine

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