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Chia Seeds Provide Vital Nutrition

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Ch-ch-ch-ch-chia!!! These tiny little seeds pack a punch. Consider adding these powerful gems to your morning oatmeal. 🥣🌱✨

Chia seeds do all these things:

~supports deep hydration at all tissue levels

~reduces vata, optimizes pitta, and nourishes kapha

~helps control blood sugar and blood lipids

~mucilaginous quality helps with elimination

~an excellent source of high-quality fiber

~decreases inflammation

~rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

~a sattvic food ~ pure in nature

~increases our ojas ~ our immunity and vitality

Soak in water beforehand (10 min) to let gel up or add them to your oatmeal early while cooking to gel so they don't soak up water in your GI tract.

Recommended amount: 2 Tbsp daily

However you decide to make these part of your diet, chia seeds can provide vital nutrition.

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